Business Information Mobility - The power of "Information on the GO"

Businesses are evolving at a rapid pace to move forward and remain at a competetive edge. For this reason organizations turn to "Information on the GO" allowing key business users access business information anytime and anywhere to perform information analysis and gain insights to make instant informed and intelligent business decisions.


Mobile Intelligence


Technovative partners with industry leading vendors in the mobile technology spectrum. However, we do remain vendor neutral to provide the "Right" solutions to meet your organization needs. We have the in-house experience and knowledge to help you leverage and begin to unleash the power of "Information on the GO" on to your business users mobile devices.


Key benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence include:
- Instant access to business information from your mobile devices anytime anyplace
- Feasibility of making instant critical decisions
- Ability to interact with business data intuitively
- Search for relevant business information
- Perform information analysis: data selection, filtering, drill down and drill up navigation - View charts/report, Alerts, and KPI Monitoring
- Higher efficiency and productivity
- Business users facing customers benefit with instant access to key information



We collaborate closely with business in every engagement to achieve business goals and accurate results. Our consultants will work with the business to capture business requirements accurately, design and develop optimal solutions in a time efficient manner and work with their IT team closely for succesful implementation.



Technovative – Your Partner in Business Intelligence on Mobile Devices


Technovative's team of seasoned professionals experienced in BI solutions on mobile devices will ensure high standards of mobile applications. The mobile BI solutions is always provided by a Managing Consultant or higher — thus ensuring an extremely high-level of practical knowledge, experience and best-practices.

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