Collaborative Process


Collaborative Process

One among many disciplines Technovative engages in is Collaborative Process. We at Technovative believe that a meaningful collaboration between Technovative and their clients will achieve successful results and in turn leads to client satisfaction and trust.


Technovative's Collaborative Process Management involves Technovative consultants, business owners, analysts and IT team partner together in achieving optimal solutions in response to organization's need for improvement of day to day business operations. This process allows organizations to be more productive in developing, documenting, communicating, and managing business solutions using technology to improve the organizations growth, productivity and profitability. Our consultants collaborate with business to ensure the highest level of quality, efficiency, and results on all levels of engagement by working closely with business owners, business analysts, IT team and support teams at every facet of the project.

Our consultants work closely with business to capture business requirements. Based on the business defined project charter, our consultants will engage in the projects to reach the qualitative and quantitave goals within the defined scope and timelines. Based on the project charter or established and agreed scope, we provide qualified consultants with specific skill sets required for the project. When needed, we also collaborate with client resources. Relevant documentation that include best practices are always provided to our clients. Regular status updates are provided at every stage to ensure the integrity of the project.


Our consultants engage in information gathering and data collection relevant to the project. Thorough analysis is performed on these entities and then shared with business for verification. Our consultants architect well crafted design and build solution with optimal reliability, performance and maintenance. The consultants then engage the business and the IT team to verify and re-verify the solution. They will work closely with the IT team towards the successful implementation. All solutions are well documented and turned over to business and support teams.



Big Data



Risks of not having proper collaboration
- Misunderstanding between solution providers and client organizations
- High probability of severe financial risks and negative business impact
- Delayed timelines and missed targets
- Room for errors and unintended chaos
- Loss of confidence by business community in their IT team
- The list continues...


To sum up the risks:

     Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong, it will."






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