Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a company-wide strategy consisting of methodologies and solutions which strives towards improved profitability by maximizing the engagement of your customer base. CRM brings together information from across the organization in order to provide a complete view of your customers. By combining all sources of a company’s customer and transactional-related data into a centralized location, deeper analysis can be performed in order to identify key opportunities which will trigger targeted marketing efforts (both for inbound and outbound).


Where to begin?

Before undertaking a CRM implementation it is recommended that you first take stock with the overarching goals you’re seeking to accomplish with such a solution. Properly setting expectations for your CRM project before you even begin is the foundation which will predicate whether or not your CRM initiative is eventually a success.





How to Succeed at CRM

Estimates of the rate for what is described as “CRM failure” range between 40-80% (and it’s usually not because CRM vendors created bad software). It’s because organizations make some crucial mistakes at the very outset. Getting CRM “right” is not easy, but your organization will be a lot more likely to succeed if you keep in mind the following keys to success (in no particular order):

  • Executive Backing

  • Defined Business Requirements

  • Change Management

  • Understood Technology Requirements

  • Budget Approvals

  • Success Metrics Documented

  • Change Management

  • Resource Constraints

  • Roadmap

  • Timelines Defined


How Technovative Can Help

We have a team of senior level people who have been successfully overseeing and implemented CRM solutions across a wide range of industries. We have experience with multiple lead CRM vendor solutions and are knowledgeable with lesser known solutions as well. We follow a proven set of methodologies to help our clients navigate through all the complexities which all CRM projects encounter during various points. We can help your team with any of the following areas: