Data Management

The quality of data dictates the success of important decision making and business activities. This is very critical to good health of organizations. Data of good quality when presented properly and accurately to the data consumers leads to optimized growth of organizations. Bad data has the adverse impact. Garbage in garbage out. It's that simple.


Business Intelligence


It is a known fact that the cost of poor data quality is staggering – most obviously in mistakes and rework expense - but also in reduced customer / employee satisfaction, and lost opportunities. Poor data quality is estimated to cost U.S. businesses more than $600 billion each year according to estimates by The Data Warehousing Institute. For this compelling reason, data therefore needs to be managed with the same rigorous governance processes that businesses routinely use when managing their capital. It is with these sobering statistics in mind, and in the interest of better serving our clients, that Technovative has designed and created Enterprise Data Governance Framework program.




Business Intelligence


The principle foundation of Technovative Enterprise Data Governance Framework is based on quality and reliability. These important attributes of the framework led to a proven track record of its successful implementation in many organizations of diverse industries and sizes. As a result, data quality challenges were met as they emerged; process to continuously improving the quality, consistency and timeliness of the foundational data assets of our clients has been established.







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Technovative – Your Partner in Data Management


Technovative has a team of professionals who are trained and Data Management methodologies. Data Management consulting is always provided by a Managing Consultant or higher— thus ensuring an extremely high-level of practical knowledge, experience and best-practices.